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Ionic Minerals

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The most bio-identical source of minerals known to man.


Unlike other supplements on the market (which are dead, colloidal minerals found in rocks and dirt), our ionic minerals are alive and conduct an electrical frequency that aids in selective digestion.


Utah’s Great Salt Lake is the most concentrated body of ionic minerals in the world, containing every mineral in existence. All 72 minerals have been accumulating from the Great Basin and the Rockies for thousands of years.

pH Balanced

Our mineral solutions are 100 percent pH balanced to help stabilize and support your body's continuous chemical reactions. Unu products play an essential part in achieving your ideal basic and acidic balance.


Ionic minerals are the only form of mineral the body recognizes naturally. As an ion is the smallest form of an element, it is readily to be taken anywhere it needs in the body.


The mineral to mineral ratio found in the Great Salt Lake is identical to the ratio of minerals found in your blood plasma. This provides your body with the harmonious balance it requires to perform at its best.


The electrical charge of our natural ionic minerals allows your body to fully dissolve them at a cellular level. Unu minerals readily pass through the cell membrane, giving you immediate, tangible results.


Since 1969

54 years ago our founders began an exclusive harvesting operation on the shores of the nutrient-rich waters of Utah’s salty sea. Marine Minerals—our original brand—has been combating the growing mineral deficiency in modern society for nearly five decades. Since then, many thousands of satisfied customers have given us the opportunity to blaze a new trail with unu.